Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

General Business Terms and Conditions

These GBTC govern the service offered and provided by European Patient Service s.r.o.

Each EPS client is obliged to acquaint himself in detail with these GBTC.

By accessing the website and using or browsing it, the client confirms that he has read, understood and agrees to be bound by these GBTC, and thus electronically concludes an agreement with EPS that accepts them.

It shall be deemed that these GBTC have been concluded, will in all aspects be interpreted and governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, regardless of the principle of choice of law, and all disputes hereof or in connection with them shall be solved by the competent courts in the Czech Republic.


  1. Websites and

1)    The content of the EPS websites and any material available on these webs is exclusively informative in character and is under no circumstances intended as medical advice.

2)    EPS publishes various information on the websites and on the providers of medical services, hospitals, physicians, destinations, travel data, etc. This information is basically obtained directly from the providers of such medical or travel services. However, EPS does not continuously verify the correctness of this information and shall not be held liable for possible discrepancies.

3)    EPS shall not be liable for any damage incurred from usage or unavailability of these websites, and does not issue any guarantees, implicit or otherwise, regarding their completeness, correctness or suitability of their usage to any purpose. These websites may contain errors. These websites may be changed without notice.

4)    The content of these websites, i.e. texts, pictures, photographs, videos, brochures and any further information, obtained from EPS partners, is intended exclusively for informative purposes. Under no circumstances does their content replace professional medical advice. We emphatically recommend to EPS clients that they should always consult their medical problems with their physicians.

5)    EPS shall not be liable for the content and compliance with confidentiality of information under the hypertext links, if such information is located on a website other than or

6)    The client agrees that EPS shall under no circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, auxiliary, special, criminal, exemplary or subsequent damage, arising from any materials on these websites or any services obtained from these websites or through them.

7)    The client also agrees that neither EPS nor its directors, executives, members, employees, representatives, proxies, legal predecessors, legal successors or assignees shall be liable for any materials, websites, products or services, including any omission or declaration on the part of the physicians, hospitals, health service providers, tour organisers, providers of accommodation and other services.

8)    In case of any problems with these websites, materials on them or services acquired from or through them, the client agrees that his only remedial action shall be abandonment of their usage.

  1. Confidentiality

1)  EPS is aware of the importance of protection of the personnel information obtained from its clients, and respects its confidentiality. EPS collects and uses the personal data of its clients fully in compliance with the provisions of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on protection of personal data and amendment of some laws.

2)  By acceptance of these GBTC, the client grants his consent to EPS to process his personal data to the extent he has provided the data to EPS via the website. The client grants consent to processing of his personal data independently and voluntarily and may recall it at any time. EPS shall keep the data provided by the client and process it exclusively for the purposes of the agreement in compliance with these GBTC.

  1. EPS services

1)  EPS is not a medical services provider, it only acts as a mediator of medical and related services and specialises in the provision of services in the territory of the Czech Republic and abroad.

2)    EPS provides information about hospitals, physicians and providers of services related to health tourism to enable the client to form a qualified opinion. Mediation of medical services or medical treatment is established and implemented solely on the basis of information provided on the one hand by the provider of health services and on the other hand, based on information provided by the client or on the recommendation of another healthcare provider (physician).

3)    EPS assumes no responsibility for any treatment or other services provided by the medical service provider (physician), or in connection with any claim, raised on the basis of malpractice or any other claim, which may arise directly or indirectly in connection with any counselling, treatment or other service.

4)    Liability for the medical services is borne exclusively by the provider. EPS assumes no liability and makes no express or implied warranties in connection with the provision of health services, their quality, safety, conditions or services from the providers of medical services. EPS assumes no liability for the acts, defects, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence on the part of the medical service provider or for any physical injury, death, property damage or any other damage or expense arising from other services provided by a third party.

5)    EPS administers its websites from its registered office in the Czech Republic. The websites are accessible from any country in the world. Given that the legislation of each country, from which it is possible to access the websites, may vary, it shall be deemed that by accessing the websites, the client concludes an agreement with EPS that all matters relating to the use of these websites, shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, and regardless of the principle of choice of law. EPS does not make any statement to the effect that materials on these websites are appropriate or available in other countries, and access to these websites from countries where their content is illegal is prohibited. Persons who access these websites from other countries, do so on own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local legislation.

6)    The information published on the websites is general in character. Any specific contractual conditions are regulated in contracts concluded with each client individually.

7)    The client will be responsible for obtaining all necessary information about own health condition and for obtaining travel documents.

8)    Client acknowledges that part of the service is to provide insurance against unforeseen complications or disease. Conclusion of such insurance is primarily in the interest of the client and protects him against the risk of unexpected expenses. Insurance may be a condition for conclusion of the agreement.

9)    All prices and rates stated on the web are in Euro. All the prices are general and are only informative in character. For each client, a price shall be calculated based on the concretely offered services and care in a specific medical facility and at a specific time. All prices are transparent, the offer always shows what is included in the price, eventually other possible additional expenses. The offered prices are usually valid for one month.

10) On the client´s request it is possible to organize the health care in earlier term. For such an emergency the client will be charged an extra fee up to 100 % to the original price of care.

11) Based on the requirements of partner medical service facilities, EPS requires advance payment of 100% of the bid price before commencing the provision of health services. All payment details and conditions of the contractual relationships are regulated in the contracts. Detailed information about these conditions shall be provided to each client on demand.

12) EPS is not responsible for cancelled flights or other modes of transport to the health service point. In order to protect itself against penalty fees, EPS strongly recommends taking out insurance against cancellation and interruption of the journey.

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