Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

MUDr. Marian Branny, PhD., MBA

MUDr. Marian Branny is a respected diagnostic expert in the area of cardiology as well as a leading representative of the AGEL Comprehensive Diagnostic Centre. In addition, Doctor Branny actively performs cardiovascular surgery and, owing to his extensive experience in both interconnected disciplines, he is convinced that successful treatment is always conditioned by a precise comprehensive diagnostics of the patient's health as only such diagnostics enables him to select optimum treatment methods and procedures guaranteeing the maximum effectiveness of treatment with minimum risks. 

Nevertheless, according to Doctor Branny, we must not forget the preventive diagnostic care, which enables early prevention of serious diseases.

Doctor Branny has attended a number of foreign courses in his discipline and worked at leading departments in the UK, Germany, Austria or the USA. His expertise is also evidenced by his active membership in the councils of leading experts and highly specialised societies of cardiology.

In addition, MUDr. Branny has participated in more than 25 international study and research projects, whose findings help to improve and develop state-of-the-art methods and procedures in this discipline applied all over the world. 

In the past, the team led by Marian Branny was one of the first ones to introduce at its clinic the aortic valve implantation through a catheter without opening the chest and currently approximately 70 unique surgeries of this type are performed at his clinic every year.

In addition, the team was the first to carry out the implantation of the first fully absorbable stent in the coronary artery in the Czech Republic and has other significant first places. 

Doctor Branny's expertise can also be supported by his regular academic activity within both the Czech Republic and abroad or a great number of original works published in journals, including periodicals.

Within the diagnostic discipline, Doctor Branny views the implementation of the most complicated and globally unique heart examinations using the most sophisticated imaging methods available such as the CT and MRI to be his greatest success. 

These, in terms of expertise, very demanding examinations that help to determine patient's precise diagnostics and select an optimum treatment procedure, are only performed at a few departments all over the world and for this reason, but not only, the specialists from MUDr. Branny's team are often sought-after by the general Czech and foreign public.

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