Yes, I wish to receive information about cardiology in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about cardiology in Czech Republic

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center

The Comprehensive Cardiovascular Centre provides all globally recognised heart and vascular system care. The greatest assets of the centre include close cooperation between the cardiology and cardiac surgery, which in 2013 resulted in opening of one of the most state-of-the-art hybrid theatres in Europe with top equipment and technologies, including unique heart examination programmes using CT and MRI scanning.

In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the base of the cardiovascular centre is formed by leading specialist in individual branches of medicine who regularly lecture at universities as well as other respected hospitals all over the world.

Owing to the unlimited experience of its specialists, the Comprehensive Cardiovascular Centre has introduced several breakthrough novelties of the world importance in the Czech Republic which every year significantly help to improve the quality of life to hundreds of patients all over the world. In a broad spectrum of the interventions conducted by the centre, the outstanding interventions include implantation of the pulmonary valve, catheter implantation of the aortic valve with a direct aortic access or occlusion of paravalvular leak of mitral prosthesis using the transapical method.

The specialists of the cardiac surgery department endeavour to perform a great deal of interventions using the minimally invasive surgery ensuring the most careful access.

This centre was the first in the Czech Republic to commence video-assisted cardiologic and heart surgery interventions which enable it to perform operations such as replacement or plastic surgery of the mitral or tricuspid valve, atrial septum defect, atrium tumours or fibrillation of atriums using a minimal access at the patient's side with the use of an endoscope.

The Centre’s international reputation, comprehensiveness of the treatment performed, the most effective procedures applied with the emphasis on minimally invasive care as well as world leading specialists bring to the centre more than 700 of both the Czech and foreign patients for the heart surgery each year.

Owing to highly specialised staff and top equipment, the centre can perform the broadest spectrum of both invasive and non-invasive surgeries in the Czech Republic.

In the majority of areas the Comprehensive Cardiovascular Centre is also the largest centre in the Czech Republic in terms of the number of treated patients that always pays attention to the complexity and the highest possible standard of all the health and non-medical services. 

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