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Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

MUDr. Piotr Branny

Doctor Piotr Branny is a leading capacity in the world of cardiac surgery and, as a senior consultant, guarantees the highest quality of the Comprehensive Cardiovascular Centre. 

Doctor Branny is a knowledgeable and highly reputable expert in the respected area who has successfully performed hundreds of operations.  His approach to treatment is always individual and highly empathic and, for this reason, he always endeavours to apply the most gentle treatment methods while ensuring the highest effectiveness of treatment.  This specialist's high level of expertise can be evidenced by a number of regularly organised and attended seminars and workshops all over the world along with his educational activity at world leading departments.

While Doctor Branny deals with a comprehensive range of cardiovascular diseases, his major areas of interest include minimally invasive surgeries, which provide their patients with maximum treatment effect with minimum operation burdens.  Doctor Branny is a globally highly respected expert in this area, continuously improving the state-of-the-art procedures applied. 

The team led by Doctor Branny was the first one in the Czech Republic to perform a minimally invasive surgery of the mitral valve and at the present time it belongs among several few departments in the Czech Republic which systematically perform these interventions (plastic surgeries/mitral and tricuspid valve replacement, atrial septum defects, MAZE). They were also one of the first ones to start performing minimally invasive surgeries of the aortic valve implantation, not through the catheter but by surgery from a small cut on the right chest.

In our centre we also perform minimally invasive aortic valve replacements  (right anterior thoracotomy) and together with cardiology department we have the largest prorgamme of transcatheter valves implantation in the Czech Republic. We perform all TAVI accesses: trasnfemoral, transapical, direct aortic and trans-subclavian access.  Furthermore MUDr. Branny always promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of patients and owing to his successes he is considered by experts a leading specialist in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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