Yes, I wish information about orthopedy in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish information about orthopedy in Czech Republic

Orthopaedic Clinics

The Arthroscopic Center Beroun as an outpatient clinic providing one-day care was established in July 2008. Thanks to both the top equipment and the scope of provided care the Center aims to be a unique clinic in the Czech Republic. It is a workplace guaranteeing complete arthroscopic surgeries. Its activity is organized according to the world’s top medical facilities.

The Comprehensive Orthopaedic Centre is a first-class modern centre providing comprehensive care to all patients with both acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The leadingworld specialists in this centre apply all sophisticated specialist approaches to treatment and out of the comprehensive spectrum of interventions provided they mainly specialise in replacements of greater joints such as hips, knees or shoulders supplemented also by arthroscopic treatment of soft parts injuries on majority of joints with more than 2,500 patient undergoing this treatment in the centre every year. The centre has all the current technologies at its disposal enabling exact diagnostics followed by the most demanding orthopaedic surgeries such as the treatment of intraarticular fractures or close spiking as well as the most complicated reconstruction surgeries such the replacement of anterior cruciate ligament of the knee or the reconstructions of the rotaror cuffs of the shoulder.

The Musculoskeletal Treatment Center is a combined medical facility that offers specialized care in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation. All departments offer warm and comfortable environment of newly renovated places. Professional team led by Senior Doctor MUDr. Jiří Váchal provides quality, professional and modern medical care in the field of adult orthopaedics, sports traumatology and orthopaedic surgery. They also offer extensive care in the filed of physiotherapy from normal treatment up to highly specialized techniques, including the latest methods and instruments. Since October 2011, the Center was extended by new department of inpatient rehabilitation. The department provides post-surgery care after orthopaedic surgeries. There is prepared a rehabilitation program to patients after knee or hip joint prosthesis and thus directly connects the complexity of the field throughout the company.

The Malvazinky Castle is a unique place where the extraordinary care and services and the kindness of the staff are the main concerns. Clinic offers the finest management and premium personal assistance together with deluxe quality, comfort, and support. They are personally committed to providing patients genuine care in a pleasant atmosphere and environment where the health of patients is our number one priority. The Castle caters for individual tastes and requirements to ensure that patients feel as relaxed and comfortable during their stay.

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