Yes, I wish to receive information about orthopedics in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about orthopedics in Czech Republic

Comprehensive Orthopaedic Center Přerov

The Comprehensive Orthopaedic Centre is a first-class modern centre providing comprehensive care to all patients with both acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The leadingworld specialists in this centre apply all sophisticated specialist approaches to treatment and out of the comprehensive spectrum of interventions provided they mainly specialise in replacements of greater joints such as hips, knees or shoulders supplemented also by arthroscopic treatment of soft parts injuries on majority of joints with more than 2,500 patient undergoing this treatment in the centre every year.

The centre has all the current technologies at its disposal enabling exact diagnostics followed by the most demanding orthopaedic surgeries such as the treatment of intraarticular fractures or close spiking as well as the most complicated reconstruction surgeries such the replacement of anterior cruciate ligament of the knee or the reconstructions of the rotaror cuffs of the shoulder.

Regular top results and the lowest rate of both complications and reviews prove the Centre’s leading position among the best orthopaedic clinics globally.

The Centre is situated in the completely newly reconstructed premises and, in addition to our top healthcare, it offers its patients a luxurious environment and background of a hotel type.

An essential domain of the Centre is its provision of top comprehensive children orthopaedic care.

Owing to its world reputation, the centre is sought after by parents of our smallest patients, above all, to receive surgical treatment for congenital development defects of the musculoskeletal apparatus, hip illness in childhood or completely unique care for our smallest patients with cerebral palsy.

Leading specialists who annually share both their long-standing experience and the latest findings with the specialists from other leading orthopaedic centres through lectures, workshops and stays significantly help build the Orthopaedic Centre’s reputation.

Owing to highest-level specialisation, state-of-the-art technologies as well as easy access, the Comprehensive Orthopaedic Centre is visited by thousands of both Czech and foreign patients every year who are always provided with a comprehensive approach to treatment of their health conditions. 
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