Yes, I wish to receive information about rehabilitation in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about rehabilitation in Czech Republic

Rehabilitation Center Beroun

The Hospital Beroun was opened in 1929.

Since privatization the Hospital has undergone an essential transformation. Its restructuring and revitalization, in which the new owner has put investment of several hundred million, brings to its patients and employees comfortable, objectively and professionally equipped environment in symbiosis with the most important – quality, guaranteed care by professionals with a good and gentle approach to patients. Quality of the Hospital confirms the increasing number of patients from across the country and also abroad.

Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun has 4 bedded departments (department of one-day care for Arthroscopic center, department of internal medicine with the department of intensive care, department of subsequent care and Rehabilitation center) with a total of 256 beds. Further, it ensures an expert outpatient activity. Every year, there are performed more than 3,000 arthroscopic surgeries and more than 116,000 outpatient treatments.

During the hospitalization in the Hospital there is a team composed of the main treating doctor, other doctors, nurses and other medical staff taking care of the patient. Within the guidelines of the head of department this team determines diagnostic and treating procedures. A team of nurses under the expert guidance of either the ward nurse or the head nurse is responsible for the nursing care. The care is provided at the appropriate level of expertise.

Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun offers possibility of accommodation in high-standard furnished hotel type rooms. All offered rooms have modern positioning beds, bathrooms, TV, connection to the internet etc.…

There is also a beautiful park that surrounds the Hospital, equipped with a space for practicing routine physical activities, summer-houses and benches for sitting.

Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation Center of the Hospital provides all forms of medical rehabilitation, both inpatient and outpatient. It also provides orthotic and prosthetic care.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Center capacity is 114 beds for early treatment and subsequent rehabilitation care.

A team of experts is composed of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, nurses and other staff.

Besides other things, the Center is equipped with kinesiology laboratory and top computer-controlled exercise machines David.

Arthroscopic Center

The head doctor is MUDr. Zdeněk Kopečný, the expert guarantor is professor MUDr. Tomáš Trč, CSc., MBA, the head of the Second Orthopaedic University Hospital Motol, Prague.

The Arthroscopic Center Beroun as an outpatient clinic providing  one-day care was established in July 2008.

Thanks to both the top equipment and the scope of provided care the Center aims to be a unique clinic in the Czech Republic. It is a workplace guaranteeing complete arthroscopic surgeries. Its activity is organized according to the world’s top medical facilities.

Within the standard it provides high-quality care. Surgeries are provided by an experienced team of doctors of the Second Orthopaedic Clinic of the Charles University and University Hospital in Prague – Motol and is performed in operating rooms in which the equipment meets all the requirements of modern surgery and anaesthesia. High-quality surgical materials are used.

Arthroscopic Hospital Beroun ensures full range of arthroscopic procedures – from diagnostic and prevention in the context of early prevention of arthritis to complex reconstructive procedures, such as compensation ligaments in the knee joint, meniscal sutures, cartilage transplantation, solutions of dislocation of the shoulder joint and similar. It should be emphasized that these surgeries do not only concern the elderly with various degenerative disorders of joints, but because of increasingly frequent accidents, especially from sport, it also concerns young people.

In the Arthroscopic Center Beroun there are in average about 250 patients treated monthly.  

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