Yes, I wish to receive information about robotic surgery in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about robotic surgery in Czech Republic

Robotic Center Mostiště

The Vysočina Region Robotic Surgery Centre is a modern surgery centre offering a wide spectrum of mini-invasive surgeries using the da Vinci robotic system made by Intuitive Surgical. This method is a modern surgery method using an instrument which is operated by the surgeon from the so-called surgery console, thus defining the specific surgery instruments´ movements in the surgery field.

The surgeon has an overview over the surgery field thanks to the stereotactic camera, which enables him to get a three-dimensional picture which in turn makes it possible to perceive the depth of the image. The assistant and the surgery nurse follow the surgery instruments´ movement on a two-dimensional screen. The robotic arms are adjusted into the required position towards the patient´s body taking into consideration the surgery type that is to be carried out. The robotic arms and thus also the individual surgery instruments in the surgery field are operated and moved by the surgeon who is sitting in the surgery console. The assistant helps the surgeon in getting an overview of the surgery field using the instruments that have usually been applied in laparoscopic surgeries for a number of years.

What is the aim of the robotic da Vinci surgeries?

Our main aim is to carefully access the operated tissue and we also tend to access the operation field as carefully as possible, which means that in comparison with situations which hitherto needed a larger operation wound that was also connected with the subsequent pain, the pain caused nowadays is much lesser. If the whole surgery proceeds carefully and with all the necessary control, the unwanted tissue damage risk is lowered. In comparison with laparoscopy which has been used for over 20 years as a routine method up to now, the da Vinci robot offers an incomparably wider range of surgery instrument movements during the surgery itself. These perfect instruments can be reliably used especially in cases, where the human hand is too big and thus too clumsy, or where common laparoscopic instruments cannot be adjusted in the necessary angle to the operated tissue, in order to make the surgery safe.

What kind of surgeries can be carried out with the da Vinci robot?

We are frequently asked whether one can also perform surgeries of the gall bladder, herniae or appendix surgeries. We would like to state that a financially expensive device incurring also high running costs needs to be used only for those surgeries that cannot be carried out via another, cheaper method that would be safe and of high quality. In other words, we opt for the robotic surgeries where the open or laparoscopic surgery methods are either unsafe and/or unreliable.

Our facility is specialising in robotic surgeries carried out with the da Vinci system in the following areas:

1. Urology – radical prostate surgeries, partial kidney resections, renal pelvis plastical surgeries and nephrectomies,
2. Belly surgeries – stomach resections and resections of the guts and rectum, we are also preparing for liver resections,
3. Vessel surgery – belly aorta reconstructions, pelvis reconstructions.

We are going to gradually adjust the service spectrum. Currently, we are entering a new era that will definitely be characterised by new knowledge, opinions and perfection.

How long does a patient have to stay in hospital after a da Vinci surgery?
Robotic surgeries are mini-invasive, which means they are sensitive towards the tissue. Usually, patients do not suffer any blood loss be it during or after the surgery and furthermore, only little scars are left (ca. 5 scars of about 1 cm). Mostly, these scars heal quickly and without any complications. The pain is also lowered and is incomparably smaller than in the case of patients with 30 cm long or an even larger scar. Sensitive surgery methods shorten the overall recovery period, i.e. the time the patient needs during after care in order to prepare for his return to work after having left the hospital.

The da Vinci robot is used for complex surgeries that cannot be exerted safely and technically correctly through common laparoscopic methods.

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