Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Burma Children Operated by Czech Doctors

Children from Burma, who were operated two years ago by 

Czech doctors are doing well

Český rozhlas, 24th November 2014 

There are three small children living in Burma whose lives were saved 

by Czech doctors. They were born with serious hearth defect in a 

country, where the quality of health care is below the general level. 

Therefore, they underwent surgeries under the Medevac program two 

years ago. Two of the three children were found in Yangun by special 

rapporteurs of the Czech radio (Český rozhlas). 


The doctor is listening to hearth of a little patient and he looks satisfied. 

Onlooking mother is smiling shyly. If her son had not undergo the surgery in 

the Czech Republic he would not have be living today. 


‘He is doing well and he goes to school. He couldn’t do that before the 

surgery, as he was exhausted. Bluish. Now he is perfectly fine,’ evaluates the 

health state of the little patient doctor Khin Mang Oo.


Both ten-year-old Min and four-year-old Linn Myat Aey were lucky. Two years 

ago, Czech doctors chose them in Rangoon. They were transported to the 

hospital in Motol for surgery where they were literally born again.


Min, who was almost unable to move before the surgery, is nowadays playing 

football and remembers the stay in Prague. He visited many monuments. ‘I 

remember some old bridge, ‘he says. But mostly he remembers snow that he 

has never seen before and he is not going to see again in Burma. 


On the other side Linn was only two years old during her stay in Prague and 

she does not remember anything. She attends the kindergarten and she is  

also doing fine. 


‘The Czech Republic has helped these children to have a normal life. It is 

amazing. Nevertheless, there are more little patients who need the help… ,‘ 

says doctor Khin.

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