Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Czech doctors used a new method of hip surgery

Czech doctors used a new method of surgery during hip surgery. During classic surgery, the skin cut is 25 cm long and doctors must cross some very important muscles. The new method is described by the Head Doctor of Orthopaedics who performed the surgery:

‘It is performed with the use of optimal anatomical approach when a short cut around 6-8cm spreads muscles and the operated joint is easily accessible. After removing the damaged joint, particularly the damaged head, it is possible to implant a new joint with the use of special loaders.’

Two Czech doctors used the new method on two patients. One of them is a fifty-five years old man. In twenty-four hours after the surgery he was able to get out of bed and with the help of nurses he could carefully walk with crutches about 40 meter.

‘I feel pretty good. I feel still a bit weak but it is amazing and it does not hurt. I can walk.’

According to the Head Doctor of Orthopaedics it is the little trauma to the patient what is the greatest advantage of the new method:

 ‘Other advantages are unharmed soft tissues during the total knee replacement surgery and therefore easier treatment (immediate postoperative period), less pain, earlier movement, less blood loss and certainly less risk of complications.’

The Head Doctor said that the first patient of the hospital was not chosen specifically. It was just his turn and his medical state was appropriate for this type of method. Only doctors who were trained abroad and have special equipment can do the surgery in the Czech Republic. 

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