Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

The world’s unique cardiosurgery was made by Czech doctors

The world’s unique surgery of a patient, with severely ill heart, was made by Czech doctors by a new way of plastic surgery of left ventricular after heart attack by large aneurism. This was a so-called hybrid surgery, i.e. surgery at which several medical specialities (in this case cardiologist and heart surgeon) contribute simultaneously. This new type of surgery has been done only five times in the world, including four times in the Czech Republic. Its uniqueness is that it uses both cardiac surgery and cardiology catheterization procedure, conducted through vessels under X-ray control.

‘Such treatment is for patients after myocardial who suffer from dysfunction of left ventricular due to development of aneurysm (large concavity in that part of the heart muscle). Without treatment, these patients risk worsening heart failure and many other life-threatening health risks’, says the Head Doctor of the Department of Cardiology of the hospital, who performed these unique surgeries together with the Head Doctor of the Department of Cardiac Surgery. The study, in which the hybrid surgeries take place, tries to prove that the new method of treatment, where the doctors work minimally invasive and in addition to it on a beating heart without extracorporeal circulation, is for the patients much less burdensome than conventional open-chest surgery. At the same time, there is a presumption that such plastic surgery, or remodelling surgery of the affected left ventricle, which strives for the greatest possible recovery of cardiac function, consequently improves the prognosis of patients and extends their survival.  

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