Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Why Health Care in Czech Republic?


You will receive high quality medical care. The standard of Czech healthcare is among the highest in the region. Highly specialised care can be found in accredited centres. The country has well trained medical staff. New technology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals are easily available.

Waiting times

Compared with some West European countries it is very short. Booking times can be expected to vary from a matter of days to several weeks depending on the type of procedure required.


The Czech Republic is in a very good location and can be reached from most European cities in a 1 – 2.5 hour flight. Thanks to its suitable location and travel accessibility it is possible to make use even of the care requiring repeat checkups by the doctor.


Healthcare in the Czech Republic is more affordable than in Western European countries or the USA, although the quality of the care provided is fully comparable.

Post-operative care and rehabilitation

Subsequent rehabilitation and spa treatment will help you to return to normal life quicker. The renowned spa treatment offered in the Czech Republic has a several century-long tradition.

Hygiene conditions

The Czech Republic is a country with a high standard of hygiene, a system of compulsory vaccination and elaborate state supervision and monitoring of the incidence of infectious diseases.

Visitors are not recommended to have any vaccinations or special medical preparation.


The climate in the Czech Republic is moderate and colder within Europe. The relatively cooler climate is also beneficial for the healing of post-operative conditions after any procedure.

Attraction of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful tourist destination. Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe and every year is ranked among the leading places of the most sought-after global destinations. According to CNN Prague is the best place where to spend winter in 2013. Tourists come for the cultural heritage, picturesque landscape and choice of high quality accommodation and tourist services. Besides the marvellous architecture, good food and drink, there is a rich choice of cultural programmes, theatre performances, concerts and exhibitions, as well as good conditions for sporting activities.


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