Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Healthcare in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country with long-term high quality and very good healthcare availability.

Historically speaking, medicine has been taught since the mid 14th century at Charles University in Prague, the first university east of the Rhine and north of the Alps. The organisational foundations of healthcare were laid in the first half of the 19th century under the rule of the Habsburgs in Austria-Hungary of which the Czech lands were a part. There is a very dense network of hospitals. It consists of the biggest state hospitals, mostly linked together with the medical faculties, regional, municipal and private hospitals.

Standard outpatient specialised care is provided in hospitals. Resuscitation, intensive, acute and long-term rehabilitation and nursing is provided as inpatient care. Most hospitals are internationally certified and a number of departments has JCI accreditation. Top specialised centres are being established not just in state university hospitals, but also in some private hospitals that are achieving excellent results in their field. These centres are fully comparable with centres in Western European countries and the USA, with which they also closely cooperate. Hospitals are equipped with quality and new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

For a number of years now Czech healthcare has been searching for an answer to the question of how to make use of the capacity of hospitals which sometimes (among other things due to the sharp reduction in average hospitalisation time due to new procedures and technologies) appears to be redundant. Proposals for closure of some hospitals due to redundancy had always been put aside till now due to great public pressure.

Besides hospitals, inpatient healthcare is also provided by a whole number of institutes specialising in mental diseases, rehabilitation and long-term palliative care.

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