Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

MUDr. Jaroslav Tvarůžek

He has been working in the surgery field since the 1990’s, first in Germany and later in the Czech Republic Since 2003, he has been the Head of the Surgical Department of St. Zdislava Hospital. Since 2007, he has been leading the Centre for Robotic Surgery Vysocina - a specialised robotic work station, which provides contracted cancer surgery for Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Brno.

MUDr. Otakar Kuklík

INTERNAL MEDICINE. He studied at the Institute of General Medicine at the Charles University in Prague He went on several study stays and has long-term experience in the field of internal medicine, abdominal ultrasonography, duplex lower limbs venous system sonography as well as in lower limbs and artery Dopller examinations

MUDr. Ladislav Bechník

GENERAL PRACTITIONER AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHCARE DOCTOR Studied at the Charles University Faculty of Medicine in v Hradci Králové In 1994 -2011, he represented the Ministry of the Interior in public healthcare matters Was responsible for national administration in the field of public healthcare protection for security services and supervised the fulfillment of duties in providing occupational healthcare services and general medical services His most important atestations are: First grade atestation – Hygiene and epidemiology First grade atestation in the field of general healthcare Public healthcare atestation Medical assessment atestation

MUDr. Tomáš Vidim

Dr. Vidím worked at Klaudián’s Hospital in Mladá Boleslav and during 2004-2005 he worked as a Head Doctor of Vascular Department there. Nowadays, he is the Head Doctor of the Centre for Vascular Interventions in Kolín, where he has been working since 2007. In addition, he is an assistant professor of the II Surgical Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery of the I Medical Faculty of the Charles University Prague. He had internships in IKEM in Prague and in the Department of Vascular Surgery in Mayo Clinic in the USA and at other foreign clinics in Spain and Germany.

MUDr. Ondřej Horáček Ph.D.

MUDr. Horáček, Ph.D. graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine in the Charles University Prague. He gained his specialization in the field of neurology, physiotherapy, balneology and medical rehabilitation. He had internships in the USA in the Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston at Wayne State University Detroit. He worked as a houseman at the Neurological Clinic of the University Hospital in Motol and further as outpatient neurologist.

MUDr. Daniel Říha

Head Doctor of the Center of Vascular and Miniinvasive Surgery. Surgical erudition he completed during internships in Hamburg and in London. At the Hospital Podlesí where he has been working since 1995, he introduced and developed the field of Vascular Surgery. He became Head Doctor of the Center of Vascular and Miniinvasive Surgery in 2005. As a recognized expert he lectures at seminars and conferences at national and international level.

MUDr. Štěpán Vinakurau

Dr. Štěpán Vinakurau, Radiation Oncologist From 2003 to 2011 working at the department of Radiation Oncology at Faculty Hospital in Motol. From 2011 to 2012 at employed in the same department at Multiscan Ltd., Pardubice. During postdoctoral studies, he focused on side effects of conventional radiotherapy. Specializes in tumors of central nervous system.

MUDr. Kateřina Dědečková

Dr. Kateřina Dědečková, Radiation Oncologist Started her treatment practice as a radiation oncologist at the Institute of radiation oncology of the First Medical Faculty at Chrales University and Faclulty Hospital Bulovka. In 2009, obtained the specialized competence in radiation oncology. From 2009 to 2012 employed at the department of radiation oncology at Jicin hospital externally. Specializes in head and neck tumors and lymphomas.

MUDr. Barbora Ondrová

Dr. Barbora Ondrová, Radiation Oncologist From 2002 to 2012 working at the Clinic of radiation oncology of the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute and Medical Faculty at Masaryk University. Specializes in lung carcinoma and paediatric carcinoma. She is a member of the Czech Society for radiation oncology, biology and physics.

MUDr. Pavel Vítek, Ph.D. MBA

Dr. Pavel Vítek, Ph.D., MBA, Radiation Oncologist Specializes in gastrointestinal tumors, neuroendocrine tumors and disseminated peritoneal tumors.
 Regularly teaches at I. Medical faculty in Prague and Institute for further education. Attends both local and international conferences.

MUDr. Jiří Kubeš, Ph.D.

Dr. Jiří Kubeš, Ph.D., Medical Director Has obtained a great deal of clinial experience in leading positions as a radiation oncologist at several institutions. He is a vice-chairman of the Czech Society for radiation oncology, biology and physics. Besides being an active lecturer, he specializes in prostate carcinoma as well as head and neck tumors.

MUDr. Milena Kolářová

The doctor has worked at private Rehabilitation Clinic Monada, at Rehabilitation Clinic of the Motol Hospital, further at German Rehabilitation Clinics and at Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Department of the Thomayer’s Hospital in Prague. At the Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun she is working as a Head Doctor of the Inpatient Department of Medical Rehabilitation Care.

MUDr. Vít Dvořák

MUDr. Dvořák is orthopaedist with excellent results in the filed of knee surgery. He attested in the field of 2nd degree Orthopedics. This fully qualified orthopaedist has been dedicated to his field for many years. He gained many of his experiences during his time at the clinic in Antwerp, Belgium. Besides routine clinical work he is involved in specialist medical care for athletes.

MDDr. Tereza Buchtová

Dr. Buchtová graduated from Dentistry at the I Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. She worked in private clinics and she has been working in the Dental Office H33 since 2011. She specializes in microscopic endodontics and reendodoncia, both paediatric and adult patients. She treats patients from other clinics who are sent to her in case of complex issues. She puts a great emphasis on preventive dentistry, an integral part of the dental hygiene.

MUDr. Giuseppe Marra

Citizen of Italy, studied at the University of Rome, where he is currently living. He has been focusing on orthodontics for more than 13 years. He joined the Dental office H33 team in 2012. He travels from Rome monthly. In the Dental Office H33 he specializes in invisible and lingual orthodontics

MDDr. Jakub Šubín

Dr. Šubín graduated from the Medical faculty of the Charles University in Pilsen. He joined the Dental Office H33 team in summer 2010. His specialization is surgery and prosthetics. In the Dental Office H33 he specializes mainly in restorative dentistry and surgery, currently already implants too.

MUDr. Marian Branny, PhD., MBA

MUDr. Marian Branny is a respected diagnostic expert in the area of cardiology as well as a leading representative of the AGEL Comprehensive Diagnostic Centre. In addition, Doctor Branny actively performs cardiovascular surgery and, owing to his extensive experience in both interconnected disciplines, he is convinced that successful treatment is always conditioned by a precise comprehensive diagnostics of the patient's health as only such diagnostics enables him to select optimum treatment methods and procedures guaranteeing the maximum effectiveness of treatment with minimum risks.

MUDr. Vojtěch Slezáček

Dental surgeon and implantologist. Specialized mainly in the fields of periodontology, implantology and dental prosthetics. He also works as a periodontology consultant-specialist in many private practices throughout the country.

MUDr. Piotr Branny

Doctor Branny is a knowledgeable and highly reputable expert in the respected area who has successfully performed hundreds of operations. His approach to treatment is always individual and highly empathic and, for this reason, he always endeavours to apply the most gentle treatment methods while ensuring the highest effectiveness of treatment. This specialist's high level of expertise can be evidenced by a number of regularly organised and attended seminars and workshops all over the world along with his educational activity at world leading departments.

doc. MUDr. Pavol Holéczy, CSc.

Docent Holeczy is a specialist guarantor of the General Surgical and Bariatric Centre and he has been engaged in bariatrics, a relatively new branch of medicine, for almost 20 years now. Docent Holeczy is one of the first physicians performing bariatric surgeries and he might be considered one of the founders of this discipline in the Czech Republic.

Prof. Naďa Jirásková, MD, Ph.D.

Profesof Jirásková is a leading expert in the discipline of ophthalmology and she is a leading specialist in the Comprehensive Ophthalmologic Centre. In spite of the high level of education achieved, Professor Jirásková regularly participates in specialist trainings and seminars all over the world to ensure the state-of-the-art and effective ophthalmologic treatment in her centre.

Doc. MUDr. Bohumil Soukup CSc.

Orthopaedist and Traumatologist docent MUDr. Bohumil Soukup, CSc., has many years of experience in the field of Traumatology (injuries treatment), in the field of implantation of joint replacements and in joint surgeries. He gained his experiences at university clinics in Leeds, Graz and in Vienna. He has been working in senior sport medicine for several years. As a personal doctor he collaborates with leading athletes. He is a doctor of the Czech national team in cycling, tennis and football. In 2012 he was a doctor of the Czech Olympic team which won ten medals, out of which four were gold.

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