Yes, I wish to receive information about arthroscopis surgery in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about arthroscopis surgery in Czech Republic

Arthroscopic surgery

arthroscopy - treatment in the Czech Republic

We offer arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, elbow, knee and other joints.

Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopic surgeries are the modern alternative to extensive orthopedic surgery. It belongs to the performance of one-day surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery include a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions from early prevention of arthritis to extremely complex reconstructive or replacement orthopedic surgery.

  Price from
Orthopedic examination  € 65
RTG X-ray picture  € 35
Pre-surgery examination  € 130
MR of knee, shoulder  € 350
Anesthesia, 1 hour  € 370
Day of surgery, single room  € 130
Day of surgery, one day care  € 150
Complex anesthesia care, 1 hour  € 410
Arthroscopy I  € 950
Arthroscopy II  € 1 500
Arthroscopy III  € 1 600
Arthroscopy IV knee  € 1 750
Corrective osteotomy of the tibia „OPEN WEDGE“  € 2 700
Hemiarthtoplasty of knee „UNI TEP GENUS“  € 2 200
TEP of shoulder  € 2 200
Materials used  
Overlay of the defect and cartilage sculpture  € 2 300
Corrective osteotomy of the tibia  € 1 350
Hemiarthroplasty of knee „UNI TEP GENUS“  € 2 400
TEP shoulder surface replacement  € 2 350
TEP reverse shoulder replacement  € 4 800

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We have included into our offer only the most common problems that patients come with. Within the possibilities of our partner clinics we will always try to provide such health care which corresponds with the clinical conditions of the patient and his expectations. For each patient we will prepare individual treatment plan which can also include care that is not currently listed in the offer.
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