Yes, I wish to receive information about clinical rehabilitation in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about clinical rehabilitation in Czech Republic

Clinical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation - treatment in the Czech Republic

We offer top quality medical rehabilitation in a modern clinical area, equipped with the latest technology.

Early, intensive rehabilitation is a good way to quick full recovery from illness, injuries and surgeries.

Medical Rehabilitation represents several weeks of intense exercise at luxuriously equipped rehabilitation clinic.

Intensive clinical rehabilitation includes medical care and all-inclusive stay in a single room hotel type according to the severity of the disease.

Price of intensive medical rehabilitation all-inclusive from 260 Euro per day.

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Medical rehabilitation is a fully fledged part of each treatment, not only of chronic states of health, but also for those which are acute. Timely, intense and proper rehabilitation enables a full return of all functions to an autonomy, and allows to a patient to be independent, or at minimum it helps the patient to achieve the best possible result in his clinical condition. Medical rehabilitation focuses on patients with injuries and illnesses, as well as on those after surgery. The rehabilitation process starts right after a treatment or it can be also provided to patients who stayed in home care.

Rehabilitation in the Czech Republic

Rehabilitation as a medical field has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. Intensive, timely and professionally managed rehabilitation has a fundamental impact on the results of treatment both after surgery and during sickness.
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