Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Why with European patient Service?

Are you looking for a partner who will help you finding the health care you need? You can rely on European Patient Service. There are many reasons for which you will be satisfied with us.

Complex Services

European Patient Service ensures its clients with truly complex services. Besides arranging top health care at selected clinics we provide insurance, transport, accommodation, assistance, interpretation and translation, we take care of clients’ leisure time and provide an escort.

We Are Still With You

EPS accompanies its clients throughout treatment. From the moment of you contacting us we try to ensure you with such medical care that will give you back your health. Since arrival to the Czech Republic we will take care of you and your entourage. We will wait for you at the airport, escort you to your hotel, we will contact you and fulfil your wishes daily during your hospitalization, we will escort you when you are discharged from the hospital to rehabilitation, spas and finally to the airport when you are about to leave home.

Fair and Transparent Prices

EPS has absolutely open pricing policy. Each client can get acquainted with the structure of prices of services we have offered. We are not hiding anything, we do not keep anything from you, our prices are known in advance and they are not increased without the consent of a client.

Top quality health care cannot be cheap. Nevertheless, with the EPS you always know what you pay for.

More than 60 Partner Clinics

We work with a wide range of partner clinics. We are not tied to one clinic. We always try to offer clients a choice of sought care at multiple clinics. The range of our contract clinics covers almost all needs of our clients including very narrowly specialized services.

We Speak Your Language

We are aware of the seriousness of language barrier. We strive to communicate with our clients in a language they understand well; possibly in their mother tongue. We always hire staff members that possess both experience with healthcare and necessary language skills.

Chosen Clinics

For our clients we select those clinics that have an excellent reputation, experiences with offered medical care and are interested in taking care of foreign clients. Our criteria are qualified doctor, complete nursing, top modern medical technologies and materials, excellent accommodation and friendly treatment of patients.

Friendly Professional Approach

EPS staff has in the first place the interest of our patients, their health, satisfaction and comfort. EPS managers have years of experience in health care and services. Our health guides are carefully selected and trained so that they could fulfil all wishes of our patients.

Services for Clients 24/7

We are available at any time for our clients. We fully respect the organization of health care at clinics and the needs and wishes of our clients. Each patient may at any time contact either his/her personal health guide or a worker on a standby line of EPS.

Health Insurance tailored to Client’s Needs

Specifically for the needs of our client we have developed a special health insurance that covers both unexpected and urgent illnesses and possible complications of treatment the patient travelled to the Czech Republic for. The insurance is tailored to the individual needs of the client, based on the prices of offered care. Client can choose himself the amount of indemnity and thus also affect the height of insurance. 

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