Yes, I wish to receive information about angiology in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about angiology in Czech Republic

Vessels = Angiology

angiology - treatment in the Czech Republic

We offer a wide range of vascular diseases treatment.

The vessels of low extremities, pelvic or renal arteries can be extended by catheter method. Extension and restoration of flow in the artery prevent serious damage or leg amputation.

Besides the most common procedures on arteries of the leg we offer a wide range of highly specialised treatment.

The treatment of vascular disease include the operations of varicose veins on the legs.

Narrowed arteries   Varicose

Arthery extension from 3 000 Euro

Varicose veins of the leg from 1 000 Euro


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Interventional Radiology, Angiology (Vascular Medicine). Interventional radiology includes methods that allow interfering into blood vessels, particularly the arteries, and solve a wide range of diseases. Our contracting clinic provides health care in the field of interventional angiology (Endovascular Medicine), performs diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions in all arteries and veins except heart. This is primarily the case of lower limb arteries, renal arteries, the arteries of the upper limbs and arteries supplying the head. Recently, there are more venous diseases treated – mainly patients with deep venous thrombosis in ileofemoral area and patients with narrowing of the subclavian vein.
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