Yes, I wish to receive information about angiology in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about angiology in Czech Republic

Offer of Angiology

Interventional Radiology, Angiology

In our offer we have included only the most common problems with which patients come. Wherever possible, our partner medical facilities always try to provide such health care, which corresponds to the clinical condition of the patient and his expectations. For each patient, we will prepare an individualised treatment plan that may include care that is not currently listed.

Complete spectrum of endovascular interventions and diagnostic angiography.

PTA (percutaneous angioplasty) with or without stent implantation. Including chronic total occlusion re-canalisation including below the knee re-vascularizaction including pedal arch in patients with peripheral obliterative atherosclerotic disease and in patients with critical limb schema.

EVAR - endovascular therapy for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)

Dialysis access angioplasty and re-canalisation.

Mechanical re-canalisation of arterial occlusions with Rotarex system.

Carotid artery stenting.

Subclavian artery stenting.

Renal artery angioplasty and stenting.

Angioplasty with drug eluting balloons in re-stenotic lesions.

Peripheral bypass graft angioplasty.

Superior vena cava stenting.

IVC (inferior vena cava) filters implantation and removal.

Catheter directed thrombolysis for acute arterial occlusions and for extensive ileofemoral thrombosis.

Pelvic vein recanalization in chronic occlusions for venous insuficiency.

Uterine fibroid immobilisation.

Various tumor embolization.

Pulmonary angiography for CTEPH (chronic tromboembolic pulmonary hypertension)

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