Yes, I wish to receive information about arthroscopis surgery in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about arthroscopis surgery in Czech Republic

Offer of Arthroscopy

We have included into our offer only the most common problems that patients come with. Within the possibilities of our partner clinics we will always try to provide such health care which corresponds with the clinical conditions of the patient and his expectations. For each patient we will prepare individual treatment plan which can also include care that is not currently listed in the offer.

With regard to a large range of surgeries, a diverse scope and a scale of seriousness of the damage for each individual patient is not possible to tell in advance the exact number and type of used implants. Therefore, the implants will be charged according to actual usage during surgery.  

Used implants are carefully selected from portfolio of several leading world companies based on an assessment of their studies and in practice checked features, composition, added value for the client and the price/performance ratio. The most frequently used implants are from Arthrex, Inc., USA and ©DePuy Mitek – Johnson and Johnson, USA.

Arthroscopy of the shoulder

Capsulotomy, SA decompression, AC joint arthrosis solutions, solutions of recurrent dislocation, SLAP, of biceps, rotator cuff suture, surgery of acute (and chronic) AC joint dislocation, total endoprothesis of shoulder, shoulder SMR - reverse substitution in primary and extended versions.

Arthroscopy of the elbow

Removing joint, ablation of osteophytes, synovectomy, radial epicondylitis.

Arthroscopy of the hip

Solution of impingement, labral reconstruction.

Corrective osteotomy of the tibia

Arthroscopy of anckle

Removal of arthroliths, removal of osteophytes, synovectonomy, cartilage treatment by spongalization, mosaic plastic surgery, cartilage treatment, plastic surgery of ligaments.

Arthroscopy of knee

Treatment of meniscus, removal of arthroliths, treatment of cartilage by spongialization, mosaic plastic surgery, ablation of osteophytes, synovesctonomy, suture of meniscal, plastic surgeries of ligaments, correction of patellar position, treatment of cartilage, hemiarthroplasty of the knee.

Arthroscopy of the leg

Ablation of Haglund exostosis, calcar calcanei.

Arthroscopic diagnostic and treating surgeries are modern alternative to extensive orthopedic surgeries. It belongs to the one day surgeries.

Arthroscopic surgeries include wide spectrum from diagnostic procedures through medical intervention within the early prevention of arthritis to highly complex reconstructive or replacement orthopaedic surgery.

This form of surgery helps not only to elderly patients suffering from degenerative joint disease, but also to younger patients after injuries. Increasingly, athletes undergo arthroscopic surgeries.

Contracting clinic, which we offer to our clients, is a top modern clinical centre and it provides a wide range of arthroscopic surgeries. The clinic has been newly equipped recently. The team of surgeons is composed of experienced doctors from the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Arthroscopic surgeries have been done by this clinic for 5 years and annually it operates about 3,000 patients.

The range of the most commonly performed procedures: diagnostic arthroscopy, surgeries in the early prevention of arthritis, discize pliky, removal of joint mice, replacement of ligaments in the knee joint, treatment and suture of meniscal, cartilage transplantation, solutions dislocation of the shoulder joint and other interventions in the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, lower leg, ankle joint, the calcaneus and other locations.

The centre has two operating rooms equipped with Olympus devices (high-definition ASK tower), Livantec (Shaver system), Johnson&Johnson (Vaper system Mitek), Zimmer USA (saw and drill system), turnstiles, heated patient segments.

For individual types of surgeries there are used individually and precisely chosen implants (e.g. Atrex Inc. USA), mainly biocomposite materials DePuyMitek Inc. and Johnson&Johnson, LIMA Corporate Orthopeadic (IT), Biomet (USA) for reverse of shoulder joint and minimally invasive system Oxford for (half) knee.

Preoperative diagnosis is possible to get in cooperation with our contracted experts in the home country of the patient before his arrival.

Before surgery, the patient will be completely and clinically examined by experienced specialist. Arthroscopic centre is equipped with all necessary diagnostic methods including computed tomography, magnetic resonance and biochemical and haematological laboratory.

Usual hospital stay is one to two days. Soon after the surgery intensive rehabilitation begins at fully equipped clinical rehabilitation clinic at the same hospital.

Rehabilitation can be done during on-going hospitalization or ambulatory when the patient visits the hospital.

The clinical rehabilitation can be followed by a spa treatment.

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