Yes, I wish to receive information about stomatology in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about stomatology in Czech Republic

Teeth = Stomatology


Dental care has long since become a part of modern lifestyle. Our teeth are our reputation.

We offer our clients comprehensive dental care in cooperation with leading dental clinics. 

From professional oral hygiene through regular examinations, treatment of dental caries to complex dentures and maxillofacial surgery.

  Price from:
Complex Preventive Examination  € 50
Implant Straumann including metal-ceramic crown  € 1 800
Implant Camlog including metal-ceramic crown  € 1 550
Photocomposit white filling - small  € 75
Photocomposit white filling - medium  € 90
Photocomposit white filling - big  € 100
All-ceramic veneer, material Emax  € 450
All-ceramic crown, material Emax  € 450
All-ceramic crown, material Zircon  € 625
Root canal treatment - 1 channel  € 80
Root canal treatment - 2 channels  € 140
Root canal treatment - 3 channels  € 200
Complex dental hygiene (90 minutes)  € 95

More information

Dental Clinic Dental Office H33 is a center of preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry. The success of this Clinic relies on the interdisciplinary collaboration among professionals of every dental specialization, showing particularly good results in orthodontics and implantology. The Clinic provides dental care in accordance with the most advanced international standards. Special emphasis is put on the complex dental hygiene for each patient, including training of home dental care routine. The Clinic was established in August 2010. Some members of the team had previous experience from working together at another dental clinic for the past 7 years.
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