Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

List of Complex Preventive examinatons

We have included into our offer only the most common examinations. Within the possibilities of our partner clinics we will always try to provide such health care which corresponds with the clinical conditions of the patient and his expectations. For each patient we will prepare individual treatment plan which can also include care that is not currently listed in the offer.

Price of the treatment will always be set strictly individually based on the treatment plan created for each individual patient. Price of the treatment is always part of the offer for concrete patient, in a concrete clinic and at a certain time. Examples of prices in the price list are only indicative, non-binding and concrete prices can vary significantly. Some prices are offered as packages and they include hospital stay. Other prices are set only for surgeries. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you to find out the price of the care you need.

Complex examination of practical/internal doctor including the set of treatment program

Anamnesis: family, personal, work, pharmacological, social, drugs abuse (risk assessment based on anamnesis)

Complex physical examination (height and weight measurements, measurement of pulse and blood pressure, finding and interpretation of BMI)

Preliminary examination of sensory organs ( sight, hearing)

Preliminary examination of musculoskeletal system

Preliminary examination of respiratory system

Preliminary examination of skin with emphasis put on birthmarks

Nutritional counseling

Cardiovascular system - prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Quiescent EKG and its description


Ergometrics - exercise ECG

Vascular system - prevention of vascular diseases

Duplex ultrasound of blood vessels of the lower limbs

Duplex ultrasound of the arteries of the lower limbs

Duplex ultrasound of abdominal vessels (abdominal aorta) 

Neurological system - prevention of diseases and disorders the nervous system

Ultrasonographic examination of carotids (main carotid artery)

Gynecology - prevention of cancer

Sonographic examination of the breasts including regional lymph nodes

Ultrasound examination of the pelvis

Urology – prevention of cancer  

Ultrasound examination of kidneys and bladder

Intracavitary ultrasound of prostate


Complex cancer prevention

CT of the abdomen (with contrast liquid) 

Sonographic examination of the lower/upper half of the abdominal cavity

Sonographic examination of the thyroid and parathyroid glands

Chest X-ray

Laboratory tests:

Hematology: CBC

Blood clotting tests: APTT Prothrombin test

Inflammatory markers: SRP (C-reactive protein)

Diabetes: Blood glucose, glycated hemoglobin

Lipid spectrum PLUS: Triglyserides, HDL and LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol

Liver function tests: ALT, AST, ALP, GMT, total billirubin

Extended examination of the kidneys: creatinine, urea, uric acid

Urine: chemically and microscopically

Mineralogram: basic minerals (Na - sodium, K - potassium, Cl - chloride) extended minerals (Ca - calcium)

Endocrinology: TSH, fT4 (thyroid hormones) 

Tumor markers: PSA (prostate antigen), free PSA

Complex internal examination

Complex physical examination (measurement of height, weight, blood pressure, BMI finding and interpretation)

Anamnesis: family, personal, work, allergic, social, pharmacological

Examinations focused on the current state of health:

Preliminary examination of sensory organs ( sight, hearing)

Preliminary examination of cardiopulmonary system

Preliminary examination of musculoskeletal system

Preliminary examination of vascular system

Preliminary examination of skin with emphasis put on birthmarks

Preliminary examination of the urogenital system

EKG and its description

Laboratory examination

In extended variant B there is imaging examination: anographic examination of the upper and lower half of the abdomen and X-ray of the chest (heart, lungs)

Complex eye examination

Targeted ophthalmological examinations: examination consists of examination of central visual acuity, evaluation of ocular and overall anamnesis, examination of anterior and posterior segment of the eye with the aim to diagnostic conclusion and recommendations.

Non-contact measurement of intraocular pressure: measurement of intraocular pressure, mainly due to prevention of glaucoma.

Autorefractometer: measurement of refractive errors of the entire optical system - simply how many diopters is needed.

Prescription of glasses correction: on the basis of previous prescription of glasses solving the defect of the optical system of the eye.

Static perimeter: evaluation of the visual field with the help of computer perimeter - detection of changes in the vision field during the prevention and treatment of glaucoma, but also many other mainly neurological diseases.

Photo of fundus: Foto fundu: capturing a photo of the front or rear segment of an eye using  fundus camera.

Biomicroscopic examination of fundus: in myadriasis - dripped pupil - there is examining of the ocular background by special lens.

OCT - optical coherent tomography: using a device there are examined single layers of retina, possibility of examination of deeper layers completely non-invasivelly.

Pachymetry: examination of corneal thickness, measurement mainly for the accurate calculation of the measured intraocular pressure.

Complex gastroenterological examination

Clinical examination by gastroenterologist



Ultrasound of the abdomen


Complex orthopedic examination

Complex examination by orthopedist

Targeted examination by orthopedist

X-ray of the pelvis or hip joint

X-ray of bones and joint of limbs

Joint puncture with drugs application



Complex cardiological examination

Clinical examination by cardiologist



CT Ca score

D-USG of vessels and carotid arteries

X-ray S+P



USG of abdomen

Septin 9 (Tu colon, recti)

SONO of the breast

Troponin T, NT for BNP

Laboratory examination



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