Yes, I wish to receive information about examinations in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about examinations in Czech Republic

Specialised Preventive Examinations

We have included into our offer only the most common examinations. Within the possibilities of our partner clinics we will always try to provide such health care which corresponds with the clinical conditions of the patient and his expectations. For each patient we will prepare individual treatment plan which can also include care that is not currently listed in the offer.

Price of the treatment will always be set strictly individually based on the treatment plan created for each individual patient. Price of the treatment is always part of the offer for concrete patient, in a concrete clinic and at a certain time. Examples of prices in the price list are only indicative, non-binding and concrete prices can vary significantly. Some prices are offered as packages and they include hospital stay. Other prices are set only for surgeries. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you to find out the price of the care you need.


Specialized cardiological examination

Complex examination by cardiologist

Specialized echocardiographic examination

Specialized ergonometric examination

Specialized ENT examination

Complex examination by ENT specialist

Indirect laryngoscopy endoscopically

Examination of the middle ear impedance and reflexes

Tone audiometry

Specialized eye examination

Complex examination by ophtalmologist

Non-contact tonometry

Refraction by autorefractometer

Examination of color vision

Static perimeter (scope and quality of the visual field)

Specialized angiological examination

Complex examination by angiologist

Sonographic examination of carotid arteries

Sonographic examination of vessels of the lower limbs

Specialized neurological examination

Complex examination by neurologist

Sonographic examination of carotid arteries

CT of the head (optional)

Specialized gynecological examination (oncological screening)

Complex examination by gynecologist

Ultrasonographic examination of the pelvic

Sonographic examination of the breasts including catchment nodes, education of the patient by the doctor

Microbiological examination and cytology (prevention of cervical carcinoma)

Specialized urological examination (oncological screening)

Complex examination by urologist

Ultrasonographic examination of kidneys and bladder

Intracavitary examination of prostate


PSA, loose PSA - (prevention of prostate cancer)

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