Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

Care during the pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the nicest moments in humans´ life, but at the same time it is the period which needs to be closely followed by the doctors. We are here for you – our doctors will guide you from the very beginning until the childbirth and after care. We will plan for you regular check-ups, laboratory tests, special tests for genetic diseases, ultrasound examinations and much more.

The care can be started any time during the pregnancy but for the safeness of the mother and child it is better to start as soon as possible.

Safe childbirth

Despite of all the knowledge and equipment the medicine science has, the childbirth can be the very risky. It requires a professionals who have the skills and experience – our Clinic is one of the very best European maternity hospitals.

Our obstetricians posses the highest qualification, with many years of the hospital practice and  thousands of successful births including the complicated ones. The newborns are immediately looked after by the team of neonatologists. Those who are born as preemies or with certain illness are instantly cared by the specialists.

Postpartum care

Although the birth is the end of the pregnancy, a new period starts. We prepared a postpartum care for the responsible parents. You will learn how to feed  and care the baby in the upcoming weeks and months. The newborn will be examined for common illnesses and vaccinated according parents wish and latest scientific findings.

Czech Republic is among 5 states in the world with the lowest infant mortality rate. It is a result of the excellent system of healthcare and special care for mothers-to-be and newborns. Take advantage of our years of experience and ensure your child safe start in life.

We are also happy to assist you with booking of the flight tickets, find the accommodation according to you preference and arrange the airport transfers if you need. Our trained staff is also able to provide you with a number of accompanying services as well as support services guaranteeing comfort and convenience of your stay in the Czech Republic.

More information

Are you planning a family? Do you have problems to get pregnant or look for an advice on the process? Are you worried about the safe progress on your pregnancy? We offer you a solution! Our doctors can give you complex care before and after the birth. The Czech Republic is known for its world-class neonatal care. With our help, you can enjoy the excellent care the Czech hospitals provide.
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