Yes, I wish information about orthopedy in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish information about orthopedy in Czech Republic

Orthopedics - Big Joint Replacement

orthopedic surgery - treatment in the Czech Republic

We offer most common surgeries of big joints including its replacement.

We prepare personal offers in case of any other diseases of joints or musculosceletal system  in cooperation with our clinics.

Big joint surgeries and replacements have a long tradition in Czech Republic.

Our selected clinics use top American and Suisse materials.

Total replacement of joint requires 10 to 14 days of hospitalisation.

Hip   Knee   Shoulder

  Price from
Reverse shoulder replacement  € 12 600
CKP shoulder replacement  € 8 500
Hip replacement, cement  € 7 250
Hip replacement, no cement  € 10 700
Knee replacement  € 8 750

More information

Offer of orthopedics. Total endoprosthesis of hip joint cemented, non-cemented. Total endoprosthesis of knee joint. Total endoprosthesis of shoulder (reverse). Total endoprosthesis of shoulder CKP.

Orthopaedics in the Czech Republic

Orthopaedics as one of the main fields of surgery has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. Thanks to many prominent medical personalities, it has kept pace with the rest of the world over the course of the last decades.
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