Yes, I wish to receive information about cancer examinations in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about cancer examinations in Czech Republic

Proton Center Diagnostic

proton diagnostics - treatment in the Czech Republic

We offer most advanced  complex diagnostics of cancer in the Proton Center Prague. 

The Proton Center is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and provides complete diagnostics of all cancers.
The examinations are carried out by experienced doctors.


Consultation of findings CT, MRI, PET/CT 
Translation and administrative fee 
Presence of personal interpreter/ price per hour 
CT examinations 
CT of the head or body native and with contrast 
CT without using the contrast medium up to 30 scans 
CT with higher number of scans over 30 without using the contrast medium 
CT of any organs of the or area with the use of contrast medium intrathecal/intraventricularly
CT of the whole body with using contrast medium orally or per rectum 
Anesthesia injection 
Interventional operation under the X-ray control 
Perkutaneous puncture of abscess or biopsy under RDG control method 
Total biopsy 
Total drainage 1 
Total drainage 2 
Percutaneous drainage of abscess Cyst or other 
MRI examinations 
MRI spectroscopy of selected area (1H nebo 31 P) 
MRI of the head, limbs, joints, one section of spine ( C, Th, or L) 
MRI of neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis ( incl. Scrot and breasts)
MRI imaging of the heart 
MRI examination with sterotactical frame 
MRI spectroscopy of skeletal muscle Combined examination with imaging of spectrum. without (31P) 
MRI angiography 
Repeated or additional examination MRI 
PET/CT examinations 
Hybrid computing and positron emission special medical material+contrast agent 
Total FDG -fludeoxyglukosa 
Total NaF -natrii fluoridum 
Total FLT -fludeoxythymidine brain 
Total FLT -fludeoxythymidine torso 
Total FCh -fluorocholin 
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