Yes, I wish to receive information about clinical rehabilitation in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about clinical rehabilitation in Czech Republic

Clinical Rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation is a fully fledged part of each treatment, not only of chronic states of health, but also for those which are acute. Timely, intense and proper rehabilitation enables a full return of all functions to an autonomy, and allows to a patient to be independent, or at minimum it helps the patient to achieve the best possible result in his clinical condition.

Medical rehabilitation focuses on patients with injuries and illnesses, as well as on those after surgery. The rehabilitation process starts right after a treatment or it can be also provided to patients who stayed in home care.

We offer our clients a top-class medical rehabilitation in a modern clinical area which is equipped with the latest technology. The department is accredited by the Ministry of Health for teaching physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Medical rehabilitation centre has been founded five years ago and it treats approximately 700 patients per year. Medical care is provided by a team of physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and speech therapists.

The centre works with patients after injury or surgery, after cerebral stroke, with patients having severe neurological disorders, or those who went through complicated surgery, trauma and multiple trauma, as well as with patients after amputation or spinal surgery.

Each patient has to go thorough a clinical examination which includes ​​a detailed analysis of kinesiology, including functional musculoskeletal examination, as well as testing of muscle strength and range of motion on David devices, furthermore it contains an occupational therapy testing focusing on hand function and eventually psychomotor and speech tests.

The basic treatment methods used are reflective technology, physical therapy, individual and group therapeutic physical education, occupational therapy, individual and group water exercises in pool and hydrotherapy.

The rehabilitation centre uses wide range of tools for sensorimotor exercises, positioning and passive limb exercises, as well as apparatuses for active exercise and strength training, whirlpool baths, paraffin and peat wet packs, classic and reflex massages, galvanic, diadynamic and interference currents, electrical stimulation, vacuum compression therapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, shortwave diathermy and other methods.

The rehabilitation centre is equipped with a wide range of high-quality devices David&Eve which provide electronic planning and evaluation of torso, arms and legs exercises.

Apart from a basic methodology, occupational therapy uses various workshops, such as wood and loom crafting, as well as it uses fully-equipped laboratory for testing and training of cognitive functions.

The period of rehabilitation is individually adapted to patient's clinical conditions. It might either have a form of ambulatory care or be performed during a treatment. The centre offers to its patients modern accommodation in a high standard (single or double rooms or suites, private bathroom, TV , satellite, wifi, etc.).


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