Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Assistance Services

We offer our clients a wide range of assistance services.

We divide assistance services into Case Manager and Assistant services.

A Case Manager is a worker trained to accompany you during your treatment. Your personal EPS Case Manager will be assigned as soon as you confirm your interest in an offer of health care, which we will prepare for you personally based on your request and the information that you send. The Case Manager will accompany you to the clinic, will help you during admission for hospitalisation, will be in contact with you daily, will come for you when they discharge you from the clinic and will accompany you to follow-up appointments. He/she will basically be with you for the duration of your treatment in the Czech Republic.

An Assistant is an EPS worker trained to fulfil all of your wishes that are not related directly to treatment. Our Assistant will wait for you at the airport, will accompany you to the hotel and will accompany you on trips, when shopping and to concerts. Our Assistant is also prepared to help your loved ones who accompany you on your trip to the Czech Republic for treatment.

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