Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Yes, I wish to receive information about health care in Czech Republic

Insurance offer and prices

Medical insurance for unforeseen complications


We offer a medical insurance for unforeseen complications during the treatment as an integral part of our services.

We help our clients to undergo health treatment at prestigious clinics. However, medicine can never completely eliminate the risk of unforeseen complications. Therefore, we need to ensure our patients are protected in every circumstances.

Medical services may involve significant costs. In the case of unforeseen complications, further costs can be an unpleasant surprise for the patient. To avoid such situations, our clinics usually expects the patients are covered by proper insurance.

Having this on mind, we prepared for our customers a unique insurance against the additional costs connected with the planned treatment. This program covers the costs that may arise from the complications, longer hospitalization than expected or increase of health services. Medical travel insurance can be part of this insurance.

This insurance covers the cost associated with complications during the scheduled treatment as well as other random illnesses or injuries and emergencies.

The insurance premium is related to the cost of medical services and the limit of coverage. The client always decides which coverage limit will be applied. The table below gives the information about the exact price.


Insurance premium and insurance coverage limits

Price of the planned treatment (Euro)

Coverage up to 150 % of the planned treatment

Coverage up to 175 % of the planned treatment

Coverage up to 200 % of the planned treatment

Up to € 4.000

€ 200

€ 400

€ 600

€ 4.000 - € 12.000

€ 600

€ 800

€ 1.000

€ 12.000 - € 20.000

€ 1.000

€ 1.200

€ 1.400

Over € 20.000

€ 1.200

€ 1.400

€ 1.600

Travel insurance

€ 0,5 per day


European Patient Service provides the health and travel insurance in cooperation with the insurance company. The insurance contract must be concluded prior to the delivery of the healthcare services.


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MAXIMA Insurance Company



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